London Performing Arts Academy


London Performing Arts was created by Simon Gibbons

Some of our clients come from all sorts of performance life. We collaborate with creative inventive entrepreneurs and people in the performance and visual field to make innovative projects to bring the power to you and help people reach their full potential.

Our creative team has varied backgrounds in the performance world that they share by providing high-quality value that everyone will be inspired by.

”Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”

London Performing Arts Academy

We focus on empowering creative performers and giving them confidence by using certain techniques such as mindfulness and encouraging them to be in the here and now. Giving the world of creative individuals freedom to live and to discover their full potential.

The whole idea is we take people on a journey and bring out their true character. Some will use it through acting by expressing themselves through that. Some use it through dance and movement. But most importantly of all, we bring out their true character and enable them to share it through an art form that they love.