About Us

“An academy like no other inspiring performers and creatives in the performing arts to reach their artistic potential and establish their own work and brand”

London Performing Arts is a performing arts academy that was formed by Simon Gibbons in 2016; designed for performers and creatives in the industry who want to connect to their power from within and reach their full potential by creating their own work and brand to standout.

Simon Gibbons

Simon Gibbons

Simon is an award-winning actor, presenter, and speaker who has worked often in film and on stage over the years.

Through years of frustration, personal development and cultivating the right mindset, Simon has gained the experience to empower other performers and artists to create their own work and successful brands to put out there and inspire the world.

Using 4 key steps to help you to standout in this industry and succeed in your life, we encourage people to express themselves through their own field and art form; by connecting to their true potential that is within them as a human being.

Our clients come from many different backgrounds in the performing arts world. We collaborate with creative, inventive entrepreneurs and individuals in the performance field, to make innovative projects, give them the power, and help them reach their full potential by giving them an unstoppable mindset to succeed.

We offer many services including workshops and online courses, as well as coaching and mentoring programs for members and non-members.

Plus, we offer special school and corporate packages.

We focus on empowering performers and creatives by teaching them certain techniques, such as channelling your own energy and connecting with yourself. Being mindful and encouraging them to be in the here and now. Giving creatives the freedom to live and to discover their full potential.

As a whole, the idea is that we take people on a journey and bring out their true character; by awakening their inner creative force from within and enable them to share it through an art form that they love.

We love to empower performers and help them discover their true potential in life.

Let us show you that the whole world is your stage for you to express yourself.

Contact us today if you would like to register or collaborate and be empowered to create your own work and brand.

“Empowering performers and creatives to tap into their entrepreneurial side and create their own work through an art form that they love”