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Corporate Events

At LPA we run a corporate events service led by our exciting events team who are on hand to assist you with providing you with live entertainment for any of your events.

We supply up and coming talent from an array of performers out there from our academy to choice from to suit whatever suits your needs.

We create partnerships with our clients and brands to give them and their audience the ultimate live experience to meet their needs.


Need live entertainment for your events?


What we offer is a great service where if you need live entertainment we can meet your requirements.

With so many things to organise for an event you want to make sure everything is perfect for the big day. Whether you are an up and coming company looking to launch for your target audience, or you are simply an already established one we can make life stress free for you and make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

With our events team on hand we can be of a service to you for whatever you would like for your live entertainment.



What we offer?


LPA can offer you an array of actors, stand up performers, singers, and musicians for whatever you require to entertain your audience. All through the joy of the live experience.

Each one of the performers who work through us are up and coming talent using their creative soul to express themselves through their own art form.

We are here for you to provide you with the powerful experience that you and your audience truly deserves.

Additional Information

  • ● Get in contact with our events team to make a booking

    ● Our events team can provide for you any act for your live entertainment experience

    ● We take bookings for any of your up and coming events throughout the year

    ● Let us know what kind of live entertainment you are after

    ● We can send you any videos of any act before you book

    ● Offering a range of performers to meet your needs for your event

    ● For company bookings our team can travel outside of London.

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