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Expression Sessions

Something very special is happening. Lots of creatives out there are discovering that they have a voice and a story to tell.

Not only can we share stories through our art form, but we can also tell our own personal stories that helped us on our path to what we are doing now.

Every session we are joined by successful people in the industry as our guests who will not only be sharing their successes with you, but also the challenges that they have had to overcome to get where they are today.

Imagine how many lives you could impact in the world by sharing your very own story?

At our Expression Sessions we are always impacted by our guests, speakers and their contribution to living and creating an extraordinary life.

We are here to inspire our audiences on this journey with their story on their way to greatness. Sharing what they are achieving now in their own careers and using it as a platform for greatness.

Our Expression Sessions will always end with a Q&A where you can ask our panel a question of your choice.

Plus, we also have spare slots for our audience members as well who would like to share a bit of inspiration with their peers.

Great nights out with your peers were always made to empower you. So, join us as we give you permission to empower yourselves and others.

Additional Information

  • Expression Sessions is here to empower performers and creatives in the arts
  • Online and Face to Face
  • Our guests share stories through their art form and personal to help you create an extraordinary life
  • Every session is always ended with a Q&A
  • Events are great to meet likeminded people and network
  • There are always opportunities for our audience to share their inspirational stories with their peers

Non-Members- £20

Members- Free

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“Empowering performers and creatives to tap into their entrepreneurial side and create their own work through an art form that they love”