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Introduction Sessions

Get into your creative zone and connected. Our introduction session is a welcome intro from LPA, where you get to meet the team and get to experience the journey you can take with us by reclaiming your power as a performer and creative in the performing arts industry. Being fulfilled and reaching your true potential, you will become aware of what you yourself can create and put out there and build your own brand.

We will take you through 4 key steps that we cover at LPA that will help you to standout in an overcrowded industry.

We are taught many things as a performer when we come into this industry. Performing is a form of expression which can be a very creative rewarding thing at the end of the day, but we were never taught the secret through all those years of training and education. This secret includes having a well-planned out winning strategy on where you want to get to. Creating your own work and building up your network along the way will go a long way to help you standout.

A lot of performers can be the same, but you need to stamp your own identity on you and work out what makes you standout. What is your true selling point?.  

By being inspired by the works of many people and influences using our own principles at LPA, we focus on empowering performers and creatives.

Whether you are an actor, singer, dancer or any other creative in the performing arts industry, at any level, the introduction session will also guide you through the process of being one and connected with yourself using mindfulness, tackling and going through strategies and concepts that you weren’t told about during your years of training. And then put you on a journey where you can build your own brand, by creating your own work from within, in the industry, as the true performer and creator you were meant to be.

Additional Information

  • Introduction sessions are open to everyone over 18 in the early stages of their career or are starting out
  • Online and Face to Face
  • Creative people out there who are looking to express themselves in an art form such as the arts
  • You will get to learn any business skills and clear strategies you can apply to help you succeed that you may not have learnt in previous performing arts training
  • How you can discover your inner power and reach your potential
  • Opportunities on how you can start making money from your passion

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“Empowering performers and creatives to tap into their entrepreneurial side and create their own work through an art form that they love”