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Mindful Living

In our day-to-day lives everything can be quite overwhelming sometimes, until our minds are stuck in the chaos.

As performers and creatives, we have the ability to connect to our spiritual divine.

This connection is vital for our creative spark. Sometimes connecting deep inside and being in tune with our bodies is when our best ideas come up.

Present Moment

It is vital for us to live in the present moment, experiencing the sensations around us and in our bodies, rather than being stuck in our heads all the time.

Mindfulness is the awakening of the consciousness and discovering ourselves. Through this we can relish and enlighten our true creative potential. Creating that connection that can lead to unlocking a truly abundant life.

Connection is Important

Connecting to the body is very important, feeling the energy flow going right through us.

You will learn how being in the present can let you enjoy every moment with your senses. Taking away any tension, worries or stress.

Using the strategies that you will learn, the introduction session will bring you the starting tools that you can apply to yourself, to help you to daily live a more enjoyable life in the moment, as a person and as a performer.

Awareness as a creative performer

It is very important to have a vast space of awareness as a performer and as a spiritual being at the same time to be connected and as one.

The process of mindfulness is that, as we grow into our here and now, get out of our head and begin to enjoy every moment; we enter and gain access to the mindscape.

Connecting ourselves with this state will align us to our divine being and bring us true fulfilment in our lives.

We also cover emotional freedom techniques that have helped many well-known actors and performers around the world; knocking out of ourselves the limiting self-beliefs and replacing them with powerful ones… making us dream bigger so that we truly believe we can achieve them. 

Additional Information

  • You can be at any level to attend these mindful workshops
  • Workshops are online and face to face
  • Our team are experienced in the industry. So, if you have any enquires about these workshops or alternatives then please do ask.
  • For company bookings our team can travel outside of London.

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