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Power step workshop series

Our team at LPA run and collaborate on several events. We bring to you workshops where you will learn the important steps for the creative process to create your own work, aligned with who you are destined to be.

Some of these have included how to put your brand together from your own passion, making your own film projects using a smart phone with limited equipment, and how to build your own voice-over business.

We have a number of guests who are creating empowering projects and brands that have changed the world and people around them.

We collaborate with inventive creatives and entrepreneurs in the arts to change the world and inspire people everywhere, giving them the freedom to reach their true potential in this life.


Who are these for?


The Power Step workshops are for performers and creatives in the performing arts who want to create their own work and make a living while doing something they are passionate about.

Too many people in life decide to follow a path where they feel unfulfilled in what they are doing. At LPA we believe that you were born to reach your creative potential by being aligned with yourself and doing something that you are passionate about. There is really no need for you to think that you won’t succeed in creating a dream life. One where you can inspire people through your passion, while making money at the same time.

Power Steps for you to take action

In each workshop you will learn the process and strategies to get started in the brand that you want to create.

Each one of you will get clarity into where to start, and clear bullet points for creating your own plan of action.

Additional Information

  • Power Step workshops are for performers and creatives who want to create their own business and brand from their own passion
  • You can be at any level in your career to attend these workshops
  • Workshops are online and face to face
  • Learn the strategies and tools into creating something from your passion
  • Discover ways in which you can earn an income
  • Our team has lots of experience in the industry. So, if you have any enquires about these workshops or alternatives then please do ask.
  • For company bookings, our team can travel outside of London.

Non-Members- £35

Members- Free

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“Empowering performers and creatives to tap into their entrepreneurial side and create their own work through an art form that they love”