Introduction Sessions

Get into your creative zone and connected. Our introduction session is a welcome intro from LPA, where you get to meet the team and get to experience the journey you can take with us by reclaiming your power as a performer and creative in the performing arts industry.

Expression Sessions

Something very special is happening. Lots of creatives out there are discovering that they have a voice and a story to tell. Not only can we share stories through our art form, but we can also tell our own personal stories that helped us on our path to what we are doing now.

Power Step Workshop Series

Performers and fellow creatives always get to a certain stage when you might feel that you are not creatively fulfilled inside. Working in other places around your career can fill a performer’s mind up with dread, especially if it is something you don’t enjoy.

Showcase Nights

Our showcase nights bring together an array of up and coming talents in the performing arts industry. A special night brought to you by LPA that will give you the chance to showcase some of your work in front of your peers.

Ultimate Creators Challenge

Our Ultimate Creators Challenge will take you on a journey of creative change. To be in connection with yourself and make progress on this exciting journey you are on you must be prepared to do things differently and take on new-exciting challenges.

Mindful Living

In our day-to-day lives everything can be quite overwhelming sometimes, until our minds are stuck in the chaos. As performers and creatives, we have the ability to connect to our spiritual divine. This connection is vital for our creative spark. 

Coaching Programmes

Things are not that simple when you are a performer. You need to learn a lot of other stuff as well as the performance side. The strategies and techniques we use at LPA, help you to be in alignment with your heart and soul, connecting to your energy flow, getting rid of blockages that you never knew you might have


We run a selection of workshops for performers and creatives in the performing arts. Fun and expression brought together in an environment to help you connect and create. Through these workshops we provide education on the many ways you can express yourself more through your art form and as a business. 

Corporate Events

At LPA we run a corporate events service led by our exciting events team who are on hand to assist you with providing you with live entertainment for any of your events. We supply up and coming talent from an array of performers out there from our academy to choice from to suit whatever suits your needs.