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Ultimate Creators Challenge

Our Ultimate Creators Challenge will take you on a journey of creative change.

To be in connection with yourself and make progress on this exciting journey you are on you must be prepared to do things differently and take on new-exciting challenges. By doing so you can create many ripples throughout your world and attract likeminded people to you who want to work with you. It can feel great when working in the right environment bouncing off each other’s creative energies.

Creating projects together can also take you a step closer to finding your creative breakthrough.

We bring likeminded performers and creatives together who are working on their own personal projects, and people who are seeking projects to work on in the industry.

Join us on the retreat of your lives to collaborate and create your ultimate project.

Bringing creatives together on retreats for your ultimate challenge 

We bring together creative people from all sorts of backgrounds all over the UK in the arts, for our Ultimate Creators Challenge.

Each challenge features different performers and creatives from different art forms in the arts.

These involve retreats that we put on, giving you the chance to come together in a lovely location to network and build up possible collaborations on projects that you might be working on you always wanted to develop with people.

The retreats will also give you peace of mind to relax and connect with yourself again, thanks to a series of daily morning meditations and yoga that will be available each day.

This retreat will also reenergise your creative juices and prep you before you return home with your team to work on your ultimate project over a certain time period that you will be allocated.

What the challenge evolves

For the challenge we will take you away to a wonderful location for the retreat where you will spend the next 5 days enjoying your sun gazing surroundings, relaxing to the wonderful environment that you will be in. Pitching your projects, networking, and connecting with people, helping you to assemble the perfect team to create your ultimate project.

Each challenge will feature creatives from different art forms on our retreats, collaborating together.

After the team bonding period and arriving back home, you will be given an allocated period of time to create the ultimate project for the challenge. Together during the time you have you will work together to create a piece of work that will connect to your audiences out there.

All successful projects will automatically be entered into our showcase nights.

Your breakthrough will bring more clarity


Along this journey that you are going on, you will reach that breakthrough that you have been searching for. There will be more clarity for you on how you can create your own team and successful projects with a group of people aiming to go where you want to go.

The team of people you have added to your circle, you can go out there and team up with creatives to create even more of your own work and inspire the whole world with something you are passionate about.

Additional Information

  • The Ultimate Creators Challenge is for anyone in the performing arts industry who have projects to pitch and those seeking projects
  • We do certain group sizes
  • The challenge will involve different art forms together with visuals every time.
  • There will be networking and team building.
  • Time to relax with Yoga and Meditation.
  • This is ideal for creatives who want to have a breakthrough in their life.
  • You will get a chance to create your ultimate project with your team after the retreat.
  • There will be allocated a time period to complete your projects by
  • Projects completed will get a free entry into our showcase nights, with feedback from industry professionals.

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