London Performing Arts Academy


We run a selection of workshops for performers and creatives in the performing arts.

Fun and expression brought together in an environment to help you connect and create.

Through these workshops we provide education on the many ways you can express yourself more through your art form and as a business. Whether it is pushing you out of your comfort zone, being more confident, or challenging you on that idea that you still haven’t followed through with yet; then you will be in the right place, with like-minded people, with the right mindset to encourage you.

Each workshop is focused on a different theme educating you around not just the performance side but also bringing you knowledge and education on the business front and how to run yourselves like one. Challenging you and inspiring you on unfulfilled ideas that you might have.


We are taught great things when we are at performing arts schools, through performance and preparation. But we also need to learn about things such as mindset, goal setting, and how to run ourselves as a business.

We are all leaders of our own brand and we should be taught to run our careers like one in it-self.

In these workshops you will get opportunities to express the potential deep inside yourself and tell us what you visualize, what you want to create, by using your art form to your advantage. Learning certain techniques to connect to your power within and install new beliefs to have an unbeatable mindset to go along with it to succeed.

What you will learn?

  • Setting goals and running yourself as a business
  • Connection between your mind, body and soul
  • The potential power of what you can create with your vision.
  • Processing and being in the flow
  • Putting yourselves into that creative state. The state that gives you the tools to feel inspired.
  • Creating some life changing work through your passion, rather than being stuck in that same place all the time, being creatively deprived.

Additional Information

  • You can be at any level in your career to attend these workshops.
  • Workshops are online and face to face
  • Our team has lots of experience in the industry. So, if you have any enquires about these workshops or alternatives then please do ask.
  • For company and school bookings, our team can travel outside of London.

Non-Members- £35

Members- Free

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“Empowering performers and creatives to tap into their entrepreneurial side and create their own work through an art form that they love”